Vailou Despoina ()
Voultsios Dimitrios ()
Automation Engineer/ MSc Quality Management Systems and Production Organization in the Food Industry
Office 3 (old building)
Georgiadis Nikolaos ()
Goulas Athanasios ()
Food processing with emphasis on component synthesis and separation processes / Food Technologist
Office 34 (corridor of the first aid room)
Dimitreli Georgia ()
Milk and Dairy Products Technology and Quality Control / Food Technologist
Office 7 Ground floor (old building)
Doulgeri Evangelia ()
Food Technologist
Efraimidis Nikolaos ()
Food Technologist
Zoumakis Nikolaos ()
Atmospheric and Environmental Physics / Physicist, Mathematician
† Zotos Anastasios ()
Thomareis Apostolos ()
(Deputy Head of Department)
General Quality Control-Quality Assurance with Statistics / Agronomist
Imsiridou Anastasia ()
Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology / Biologist
Office 8 (old building)
Kalogianni Eleni ()
Processes in Lipid Technology / Food Technologist
Clinic corridor, Main Building
Kapetanou Anna ()
Kapnisti Maria ()
Technology of Radioactive and Heavy Metal Sorption Materials with application in Food / Chemist
Main building
Karageorgiou Vassilis ()
Biological Systems Engineering / Chemical Engineer
Office 4 (old building)
† Katsikoudi Lamprini ()
Kokkalis Athanasios ()
Koulouris Alexandros ()
Computer Applications in Food Engineering / Chemical Engineer
New Food Technology Building - Ground Floor
Kiritsakis Apostolos ()
Likotrafiti Eleni ()
Food Microbiology, Antimicrobial substances and probiotics / Food Technologist
Food Microbiology Laboratory
Moriki Amalia ()
(Head of Department)
Aquatic Ecology and Toxicology / Chemist
Office 17, Central building Alexander Campus
Papageorgiou Maria ()
Technology and Quality Control of Cereals / Chemist
Main building, infirmary corridor, Office 9
Papantoniou Dimitrios ()
Papastergiadis Efthymios ()
Chemical Modification-Management and Utilization of Food Industry Materials and Byproducts / Chemist
Petridis Dimitrios ()
Ichthyology / Veterinarian
Rafailides Stylianos ()
Food Chemistry / Chemist
Rigas Pantelis ()
Instrumental Analytical Chemistry / Chemist
Ritzoulis Christos ()
Food Chemistry / Chemist
Samaras Petros ()
(Dean of Faculty)
Environmental Protection and Water Technology / Chemical Engineer
Tzelepidis Dimitrios ()
Tziampasi Efthymia ()
Nurse / MSc in Administration & Organization of Educational Units
Toumpas Ioannis ()
Fantidou Eirini ()
Fisheries and Aquaculture Technologist/ MSc Aquaculture
Fasoulas Theodoros ()
Fisheries and Aquaculture Technologist/ MSc Aquaculture