Research Project

All Food Science and Technology Students are required to undertake a research project leading to a Diploma Thesis. The duration of the project can be between 1 and 3 semesters and is executed under the supervision of a faculty member. It is possible to carry out the work related to the Diploma Thesis in academic or industrial institutions of the European Union within the framework of a European or other student-exchange program (e.g. Erasmus+).

The list of available research projects by all faculty members is uploaded in the Department’s webpage at the beginning of each semester. The student submits to the Department’s Administration an application with the project title and summary after an agreement is reached with the supervising faculty member. The Department forms a 3-member faculty committee to supervise the execution of the project and evaluate the Diploma Thesis after the project’s completion. The Research Project cannot be initiated before the 8th semester of the studies and before 35 courses have been successfully completed by the student.

The Diploma Thesis must include a critical review of the relevant literature, the experimental or computational results from the research project and conclusions. Literature review only theses are not acceptable. The Thesis is defended by the student in an oral presentation open to the all members of the Department at selected dates during the academic year.