The Department of Food Science and Technology has a strong commitment and a long history of participation in academic evaluation processes. It was one of the few academic departments in Greece that successfully participated first in the External Evaluation process by a committee of Greek and international experts in November, 2008. To access the External Evaluation Report, please click here.

Evaluation of the educational process and personnel by the Department’s students was initiated within the academic year 1999-2000 and continues since then. In 2007, the evaluation process was aligned with the guidelines issued by the newly formed Quality Assurance Unit of the Institute. The evaluation results were included in the Internal Evaluation Report which was followed by the external evaluation of 2008. Ever since, the Department participates in high numbers in the evaluation process administered by the Quality Assurance Unit of the Institute. Questionnaires on the quality of the educational content of courses and the quality of faculty are distributed and filled anonymously by the students during the 8th to 10th -week of each semester. The results are statistically processed by the Quality Assurance Unit and reported to the faculty. Since the spring semester of 2013-2014, the filling of the questionnaires is done electronically through the web.

The course curriculum of the undergraduate program is frequently updated to reflect advances in scientific knowledge and the needs of our graduates in joining the job market. The last updating of the curriculum was put in effect during the academic year 2019-2020. Within the current academic year (2021-2022), the Department has initiated the process of Accreditation for an Integrated Masters degree.