Central Research Laboratory

The Central Research Laboratory for Analysis of Chemical and Physical Food Parameters occupies an area of 250 square meters and is equipped with state-of-the-art scientific instruments used worldwide for research in food science.

Laboratory Equipment

Included in the lab equipment are:

  • Scanning Electron Microscope (Carl Zeiss, model EVO 50 XVP): works high vacuum/ variable pressure up to 750 Pa, resolution up to 2,0 nm, equipped with chemical elements microanalysis Χ-ray detector (EDS, Bruker ΑΧ S, model Quantax 200).
  • X-ray Diffraction spectrometer, (Panalytical, model XPert Pro MPD) equipped with hot stage sample holder for the study of phase transitions in crystalline samples.

Chromatographs & Spectrometers

  • Atomic absorption spectrometer equipped with graphite furnace (model 2100 Perkin – Elmer).
  • Two gas chromatographs equipped with FID , PID and ECD detectors (Τhermo).
  • A gas chromatograph coupled with mass spectrometers in tandem (GC – MS/MS) (Ultra trace – Q Polaris, Thermo).
  • Two high performance liquid chromatographs (HPLC) equipped with UV/vis, refractive index and fluorescence detectors (Thermo).
  • FT/IR spectrometer for the study of dry powders and liquids (Nicolet 380 Thermo).
  • UV/vis spectrometer model (Helios, Thermo).
  • Fluorescence spectrometer (Shimadzou).
  • Gel chromatography apparatus.


  • Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analyser (DMTA) (Bohlin CVOR 150, Malvern).
  • Multipurpose pneumatic tube rheometer TR-1, with programmable heating system, suitable for the study aqueous systems either in solution or in suspension state at temperatures > 100οC and viscosities ranging from 1 up to 100000 mPa s custom made by FPLE.
  • Patented Dynamic U- tube type rheometer suitable for the study of extremely fragile gels, pseudogels or concentrated solutions with or without incorporated particles, custom made by FPLE. European patent No 03 386 003.2 (2008).
  • Food texturometer Texture Analyzer (TA – XT plus).


  • Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC 6, Perkin-Elmer).
  • Differential Scanning Calorimetry & Thermo-Gravimetric Analysis (DSC Q2000 and TGA-Q50).

Measurements at interfaces/foams and emulsions and particles

  • Dynamic interfacial tensiometer (measurement of dynamic surface and interfacial tension of static and growing drops and static advancing and receding contact angles) (CAM 200, KSV).
  • Electrical conductivity technique for temporal and spatial non-intrusive on line characterization of foam and emulsion destabilization (under development at the department).
  • Laser particle size analyzer, for liquid suspensions and dry powders (Mastersizer 20000, Malvern).
  • Rod and bath ultrasonic homogenisers.

Optical measurements

  • Light microscope (Axion Star, with photographic camera by Zeiss).
  • Colour fast camera speed 32000 frames/s, (Redlake).


  • Refrigerating vacuum ultracentrifuge (Sorvall).
  • Balances from one up to five decimal digits.