The Department of Food Science and Technology is part of the School of Geosciences of the International Hellenic University. Director of the School is Professor Petros Samaras.

The Department is administered by the General Assembly, the Sector Assemblies and the Department Head. There are three Sectors in the Department that correspond to different fields of the curriculum:

  1. Food science.
  2. Food processing and technologies.
  3. Industrial applications.

The Sector Assembly is comprised by the Sector Head and Deputy Head, all faculty members belonging to the Sector and the elected student representative. The General Assembly is comprised by all faculty members and the elected technical personnel and student representatives.

Head of the Department

Moriki Amalia, Professor
Telephone: +30 2310 013372

Deputy Head of the Department

Thomareis Apostolos, Professor
Telephone: +30 2310 013887

Secretariat of the Department

Vailou Despina, Administrative affairs
Telephone: +30 2310 013910
Toumpas Ioannis, Student affairs
Telephone: +30 2310 013908

Office hours are daily, from 11:00 to 13:00 (local hour). Students should always carry their academic ID card with them when dealing with the Department’s Secretariat.