Welcome to the website of the Food Science and Technology Department of the Internationnal Hellenic University of Thessaloniki, Greece!

Since its foundation in 1983, the Department’s mission is to offer to its students a high-quality education in the field of food science and technology and to promote, through research, the knowledge in food science and technology. More than 1400 graduates of the department successfully serve sectors of the Greek economy related to the strategically important fields of agriculture, food and nutrition.

The curriculum of the undergraduate program offered by the Department covers the applications of food science and technology in food processing and, more specifically, in the production, distribution, preprocessing, inspection, control, legislation and use of food products by making use of principles stemming from biological, physical, chemical, engineering, financial and information sciences.

The Department offers both undergraduate and postgraduate curricula. Since 2009, it runs the Master’s level program entitled «Quality assurance and operation management systems in the food industry» which has been successfully attended by food technologists, chemists, agricutluralists, chemical engineers, veterinarians and graduates from other food-related fields.