Industrial Practice

Food Science and Technology students can participate in a 4 to 6-month industrial placement program in a food-related public sector or private company. Alternatively, they should take 3 at minimum extra courses with a total ECTS count of at least 18 units.

It is possible to carry out the internship in academic or industrial institutions of the European Union within the framework of a European or other student-exchange program (e.g. Erasmus+).

The industrial placement program aims at giving the students the opportunity to:

  1. put in practice the knowledge and skills they acquired during their studies,
  2. customize themselves with the job market and work environment,
  3. provide themselves with employment opportunities after graduation.

The Department also uses the experience gained by the students to update the curriculum based on the current industrial trends and needs.

Practical training cannot be undertaken before the end of the 8th semester and before 30 courses have been successfully completed. Successful completion of the minimal requirements from the Compulsory Elective Course Groups A and B (4 courses in Technology and Quality Control of special food categories) is also required.

Practical training can take place at any of the two periods that have been set by the Department during the academic year: 1/10 to 31/3 for the fall semester and 1/4 to 30/9 for the spring semester.