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Food Science and Technology requires a foundation on Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Biology and Microbiology. Upon this foundation, Food Scientists and Technologists acquire expert knowledge in fields such as food science and engineering, processing of special food categories and industrial practice.

Therefore, the Food Science and Technology curriculum includes courses that can be grouped in the following categories:

  • General Foundation Courses,
  • Special Foundation Courses,
  • Specialty Courses.

General Foundation courses extend in depth and breadth the knowledge acquired in high-school in the fields of Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Microbiology. The majority of the curriculum courses belong to the Special Foundation and Expertise Courses categories which cover the topics that typify Food and Science Technology.

Some of the courses complete the scientific background of students in fields related but not within the hard core of Food Science and Technology (such as Legislation or Management) and can be characterized as courses of generic background. Finally, skill development courses help students master soft skills (such as technical writing, communication skills) necessary for their studies but also in their future careers.

With respect to scientific content, curriculum courses cover the fields of Chemistry, Biology and Life Sciences, Mathematics and Analysis, Engineering, Management, Economics, Legislation and Humanities. Courses include lecturing, tutoring, practicals (lab work), seminars, field trips and projects with emphasis in team work on case studies. Special emphasis is given in the development of the students’ personal sills (such as initiative, problem solving) and communication skills.

The total number of courses offered in the undergraduate curriculum is 66. The majority of these courses are compulsory but there are also compulsory elective and elective courses. A BSc degree in Food Science and Technology is awarded after the successful completion of at least 50 courses corresponding to at least 300 ECTS units.