Scientific Report Writing (Seminar)


Course Contents

Section 1: Information and directions for writing a scientific paper

  • Copyright.
  • Directions for literature search.
  • Directions for writing a scientific paper.
  • Directions for writing a thesis.
  • Directions for power point presentation.

Module 2: Presentations of scientific reports by the students

  • Presentation of a scientific report, via power point.
  • Writing a scientific report.

Educational Goals

The course aims to achieve the following learning outcomes for students:

  • Acquiring knowledge about literature search.
  • Acquiring knowledge about the evaluation and utilization of literature sources.
  • Acquiring the ability to format and present the acquired material.
  • Acquiring knowledge for the appropriate use of the material and writing of a scientific paper.

General Skills

  • Searching, analyzing and synthesizing data and information, using the necessary technologies.
  • Adapting to new situations.
  • Decision making.
  • Autonomous work.
  • Working in an interdisciplinary environment.
  • Exercising criticism and self-criticism.
  • Promotion of free, creative and inductive thinking.

Teaching Methods

Face to face:

  • Lectures (theory and exercises) in the classroom.

Use of ICT means

  • Lectures with PowerPoint slides using PC and projector.
  • Notes in electronic format.
  • Posting course material and communicating with students on the Moodle online platform.

Teaching Organization

ActivitySemester workload

Students Evaluation

Evaluation methods:

  • Compulsory attendance at (at least) 80% of the laboratory exercises.
  • Report presentation (50% of the final grade).
  • Report writing (50% of the final grade).

The evaluation criteria are presented and analyzed to the students at the beginning of the semester.

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