Organic Chemistry


Course Contents

  • Atomic structure, orbitals, electron configurations, chemical bonding, molecular orbital theory, polar molecules, acids and bases.
  • Electronegativity, polar covalent bonds, dipole moments, formal charges, resonance.
  • Functional groups, nomenclature of organic compounds.
  • Alkanes-cycloalkanes, structure and properties.
  • Isomerism and stereochemistry, chiral compounds, enantiomers and diastereomers. E,Z designation.
  • Types of organic reactions, how organic reactions occur, radical reactions, polar reactions.
  • Alkenes, structure and reactivity, cis-trans isomerism in alkenes. Electrophilic addition reactions of Alkenes. Markovnikov’s rule.
  • Benzene and aromaticity, Hückel rule.
  • Alcohols, phenols, ethers and thiols, properties and reactions.
  • The carbonyl group. Aldeydes and ketones. Carboxylic acids and derivatives.
  • Amines. Heterocyclic substances. Aromatic heterocycles.

Educational Goals

  • Learning the basic principles and concepts of organic chemistry.
  • Drawing chemical structures, understanding functional groups, names and properties of organic compounds and the basics of organic reactions.

General Skills

  • Work in an interdisciplinary environment.
  • Generation of new research ideas.
  • Promote free, creative and inductive thinking.
  • Search, analyze and synthesize data and information using the necessary technologies.
  • Independent work.

Teaching Methods

Face to face:

  • Lectures (theory and exercises) in the classroom.

Use of ICT means

  • Teaching with Power point presentations.

Teaching Organization

ActivitySemester workload
Independent Study50

Students Evaluation

  • Writing exams in the end of the semester.

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  1. Journal of Organic Chemistry.