Quality Management and Production Organization Systems for the Food Industry

The postgraduate program on “Quality Management and Production Organization Systems for the Food Industry” is offered since 2009 when it was approved by the Greek Ministry of Education. Its graduates are awarded an MSc degree in Food Science and Technology.

The MSc program is comprised of advanced topics in Food Science and Technology related to Food Safety, Quality Assurance, and Production Management in an industrial setting. All courses are taught in Greek.

More specifically, the program’s objectives are: a) to offer a high-level education and training in order to produce skillful scientists and technologists who will be able to have significant contributions in the food industry in topics such as food safety and quality, operations management etc., b) to develop and promote research in all Food Science and Technology fields.

The program graduates already serve at high-ranking positions both the industrial and public sectors in food-related institutions.

Graduates in Food Technology, Chemistry, Agriculture, Chemical Engineering, Veterinary and other food-related sceintific fields are being accepted in the MSc program.

The program’s duration is 4 semesters; the first two are devoted to course work (theory and practicals) and the last two to the completion of a research project leading to a MSc thesis. The tuition fees are 800 euros/semester (3200 euros for the entire program).