Erasmus+ Mobility Program for Studies and Internship

Information about Erasmus+ Programme

Erasmus+ is the European Commission’s program for education, training, youth and sport, which aims to strengthen skills and employability as well as modernize education, training and youth systems, in all areas of Lifelong Learning

The Erasmus+ program funds the mobility of students of all study cycles (undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral) and staff. They can carry out studies in Higher Education Institutions and internships in Universities/Businesses/Organizations in Countries participating in the Program.

Recent graduates who wish to develop more skills can move for internships in their first year after graduation provided their application, which they submitted while they were students in their final year, has been approved.

Benefits in participating in the Erasmus+ Program

The mobility of students and staff abroad is considered particularly important because there are many benefits to the participants. Through mobility, students have the opportunity to cultivate new skills and qualifications which contribute to their personal development. In particular, students are given the opportunity to improve their language skills, develop intercultural skills and evolve into European Citizens. In addition, students who travel for internships can gain valuable work experience in a company/organization abroad. Every student has the right to travel for the purpose of studies and internships within the framework of the Erasmus+ Program.

Conditions of participation

The following can participate in the Erasmus+ Program: a) nationals of a country participating in the Program, b) nationals of other countries enrolled in the Study Program of the Department of Food Science and Technology of the International University of Greece (DIPAE) (at undergraduate, postgraduate or doctoral level) c) participants must have proficiency in the language in which they will carry out their studies or internship.

Erasmus+ Coordinator of the Department of Food Science and Technology

The Academic Coordinator of Erasmus+ at the Department of Food Science and Technology is Eleni Likotrafiti, Professor of Food Microbiology at the Department of Food Science and Technology. Contact tel. +30 2310 013800, e-mail:


Erasmus+ DIPAE Office Contact Information – Alexandria Campus

Grammatiki Grammenou– Head of the Department of European & International Programs

(Administrative, Institutional, Bilateral Agreements, Personnel Mobility)

tel. +30 2310013709

Stella Tsifitopoulou – Student Mobility

tel.: +30 2310013712

Outgoing Students e-mail:

Incoming Students e-mail:


Erasmus ID code number International Hellenic University: GTHESSAL14